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The Background:

Manyavar was the first brand in India, to get into organised Indian ethnic wear retailing. At the time, the market was dominated by big, multi-format stores who used to dictate terms when it came to the brands to be showcased in their stores. In order to break free from this framework, Manyavar decided to begin its own store chain. Being the first of its kind, Manyavar needed a good advertising strategy to stand out in the market.

Primary Research:

Lookad researched into the brand’s relevant market segment, and realised that as the first mover, Manyavar had a unique advantage. Even in our modernised society, Indian ethnic wear has a special place among the consumers. When it comes to traditional occasions, festivals or marriages, everyone prefers ethnic apparel over the western ones.

The Proposed Solution:

Lookad suggested Manyavar to focus on these very sentiments in their marketing efforts. Since there is no dearth of festive and traditional occasions in India, the scope of advertising and creating a brand image amidst that would be pretty high. We advised Manyavar to go for heavy brand promotions, with prime focus on print advertisements, since it would be a better way to highlight their store locations.

The Process Highlights:

Manyavar began focusing on big ticket advertising across the print segment. The brand advertisements centred on establishing Manyavar as a prime ethnic wear retailer in India. The ease of finding well designed and ready-made ethnic wear fit for every Indian occasion was the main element in their brand message. The advertising efforts were extended to various in-flight advertising, year long INOX advertising, official tie-ups with KKR etc. Manyavar also began to release video advertisements on the digital platforms, particularly on its social media page, which harped on the ethnic sentiments of the nation.

The Result:

Today, Manyavar is synonymous with Indian ethnic wear. Its brand recall is phenomenal. A favourite among the A to B category of the TG, Manyavar has created an unbeatable niche for itself. Today the brand has grown into a retain chain for around 450 stores in India and has been a raging success!