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Lux Innerwar

The Background:

Lux Innerwear has always been the top player in the Indian innerwear segment. It has always been imperative at Lux to keep improvising their products and promotional strategies from time to time to maintain their persona as the "People's Brand" in the country. Lux has always intended to introduce new trends and strategies in their promotional activities so that it could reach to the masses easily and provide awareness. The company has always prepared themselves with a highly strategic marketing campaign but needed someone who could materialize their innovative ideas in a larger way to recall their brand image and helps in retaining their position as the country’s number 1 brand. Thus, they approached Lookad to help in strengthening their brand value by expanding their advertising activities.

Primary Research:

With Lookad's association, the company decided to try something different and new in their promotional activities which could directly connect the brand with the people especially in rural areas. Thus, we mutually decided to light and position the brand regionally. As Lux was already a strong brand in itself, our aim focused on maintaining the brand as the market leader who sets the trend in everything – from products to advertising campaigns.

The Proposed Solution:

Lookad supported Lux in reaching to their target consumers - the masses with their regional marketing campaigns in order to strengthen their brand position. Unlike other brands, we decided to invest “Lux” in those areas that would set it apart in this market and give it a cult status.

The Process Highlights:

Irrespective of what the competitors were doing, Lux always tried to improvise itself in every segment of marketing. Therefore, with mutual consent we decided to keep on advertising throughout the year by providing a substantial portion of the client's budget in Print advertising along with TV advertising. This way, Lux received a better SOV amongst its target group and was able to reach its audience through print and television mediums. Till date, Lux equally focuses on Print advertising and has an easily recognizable presence there.

Lookad also helped the client to be consistent in terms of positioning of ads as well. Lux went for premium positions both in Print and TV advertising. In both these media, there is usually a lot of clutter to be dealt with. Premium positions helped the Lux to skip those clutter, and earn the top of the mind recall among its TG.

Lux also became one of the first in the industry to have Star Brand Endorsers. This helped the brand immensely in terms of gaining advantage over the rivals and appealing to the youth segment in their TG. Even though the competitors followed Lux by having star endorsements soon after, Lux remained the pioneer in that arena. The celebrity endorsers include Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Deol, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Prachi Desai, Sushant Singh Rajput, and Brett Lee. The names were not restricted to just Bollywood. It also included regional stars like Prasenjit, Dev., Anubhav Mohanti to name a few. Another first of its kind initiative done by the brand, which helped to create a sense of belonging to the brand in the regional markets.

On similar lines, the brand also went for major event sponsorships like IPL, TOIFA, and Zee Cine awards. This further enhanced the ‘star’ positioning of the brand and established it as a high quality and premium player in this segment.

The Result:

For the past 15+ years, Lux has consistently been the the leading innerwear brands in India. The above marketing strategies worked well for the brand and helped it attain a star status among its national rivals.

At present, the brand, is trying to bring out new product lines like Lux Cozi GLO collection for our consumers. Along with this the company is also launching a complete new range of female products with "LYRA" to foray in to the female inner wear market.

Lookad and Lux have retained 26 years of successful partnership, which is still going strong!

Client Speak:

"Lux has always been the most preferred brand in the innerwear market and with our collaboration with Lookad , we have been able to revive and cherish our positions as the "People's Brands" in the country. Lookad has always supported in us in bringing out the best for our brand promotions and we hope our association experiences more accomplishments and ventures into immeasurable success work in future."

Mr. Ashok Todi


Lux Industries Ltd.