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JK Tyre

The Background: JK Tyre was suffering from poor brand recall, brand fatigue and low esteem in the market. The entry of international brands like Goodyear, Michelin and cheap Chinese imports were proving to be a major hurdle in the growth plans of the company. In dire need of an effective solution, JK Tyre changed agencies and came to Lookad.


Primary Research: At Lookad, our first task was to carry out an in-depth analysis of the competition activity. This segment was a highly competitive one and most of the rival brands had taken up prime positioning in the industry. We realised that JK Tyre will require highly innovative media planning, hence we collaborated with Dentsu, one of the top media planning agencies in the country, to give our client the best of results. 


The Proposed Solution: Lookad suggested JK Tyre to focus on the areas that were not crowded by its competitors, so that they don’t get lost in the clutter. We advised JK Tyre to invest in connecting more with its TG, in order to escalate the brand recall. 


The Process Highlights:

We advised JK Tyre to take the TV route to make its presence felt in bigger ways. When it came to TV advertising, the other competitors in this industry had created their niche in the sports segment. In other words, sports channels were already crowded with such brands and hence were highly expensive as well. So, we decided to take an innovative yet cost effective route and advised JK Tyre to target prime News Channels for their campaigns. Since this was a unique approach, JK Tyre instantly began to get its exclusive share of eyeballs, without having to compete with other brands.

We also put stress on releasing their ads on national holidays and important festivals, as that would help the brand create a connection with its audience. We ensured the creatives were designed to go with the occasion, so that in every season the brand had maximum recall. 

There were plenty of other big spenders in the industry, in terms of advertising. But we provided JK Tyre the kind of path-breaking, cost effective and innovative media solutions which instantly struck a chord with the TG and helped the brand beat the other heavyweights in the industry.


The Result: Today, JK Tyre is a strong and well known contender in the industry, thanks to the innovative and strategic media efforts of Lookad, in collaboration with Dentsu. Despite having one of the lowest advertising spends in this genre, the brand is going places!