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The Background:

Haldirams was facing three crucial issues. First was the matter of brand fatigue – consumers were becoming less and less interested in the brand. Second, the new generation consumers were choosing swanky western confectionery brands over Haldirams, as they could not identify with the then brand image of Haldirams. Third, and most importantly, Haldirams had never advertised, in any medium. The brand was in need of a complete revamp, both from its image and advertising perspective.

Primary Research:

Lookad conducted an in-depth research into the consumer segment, market presence and brand image of Haldirams. We realised that, in order to tackle the above mentioned problems, Haldirams would need a rigorous advertising strategy, to set it apart from the other existing brands in the market and increase brand recall in the consumer’s mind.

The Proposed Solution:

Lookad explained to Haldirams the perks of adopting a consistent and strategised advertising policy, especially since none of its other competitors had resorted to advertising yet. We also advised the brand to revamp its positioning in order to appeal to a larger and more varied TG.


The Process Highlights:

Haldirams began advertising extensively in the print medium. We focused both in English and vernacular publications to give the brand greater visibility and better reach among the TG.

Earlier, Haldirams was perceived as a brand only meant for a particular language speaking segment of consumers, which drastically narrowed its market. We solved this problem, by releasing well crafted advertisements not just on Diwali but on other festivals as well, like Poila Boishakh, Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas. In fact, the brand began to come up with particular products, meant especially for such occasions – like Lacha for Eid, Fruit Cake for Christmas etc. This helped the brand touch the sentiments of a varied TG, thereby creating a more contemporary and cosmopolitan image and appealing to a bigger consumer segment.

The Result:

Today, Haldirams is among the top 3 print advertisers in the country. It was the pioneer in advertising in its segment, and other competing brands began advertising by following Haldirams’ example. The brand today has a strong recall and presence among every consumer segment in the country and has effectively conquered its brand fatigue by coming up with newer products at regular intervals and resorting to highly consistent advertising. Lookad and Haldirams have retained 11 years of strong partnership.

Client Speak:

Lookad has accompanied us in our vision of building a niche platform for Haldiram in the market by working on strategic media solutions. Appreciate their contribution in this eventful journey!

Mr. Manish Agarwal


Haldiram Bhujiawala Limited