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  • Why Book Education Ads in Newspaper ?
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Education Ads Booking Online

Educational advertisement works for you when you are representing a school, college, university or any other institute offering distance education or programmes to study abroad. You can also place such an ad if you are an educational consultancy, any vocational course or career counseling provider, a personality development center, a private coaching class or an individual providing home tuition. Educational advertisement in newspaper aims to inform the students about the courses you offer, along with detailed contents, location, or timings. It provides you with a platform to advertise your courses and services. The primary goals of an educational advertisement are to spread information about your educational organization and attract students to it.

How to book education ads in newspapers?

Our media experts have the right tips and solutions to help you book your advert in the right newspaper that effectively reaches your target audience and grabs their attention. With Bookadsnow, publish your education ads in newspapers across the nation at the most competitive rates. Education ads in newspaper can help engage your prospective students and provide them with awareness about your institute. You can include information about relevant courses to pursue, how to enroll in them, and other details you want to communicate to the students.

How Do I Book Advertisement for Education Online with Bookadsnow?

While booking educational ads, you have to choose a newspaper which will reach your target audience based on its readership and demographics.

Online educational ad booking with Bookadsnow is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Select the newspaper you would like to book your advert in
  2. Fill in your ad details and contact details and submit your query
  3. Our media expert will get in touch with you to bring you the best rates for your ad

If you do not know which newspaper to choose, simply drop in a message and our media expert will guide you from start to finish in booking your advert.

Contact our media expert to book your education ads in newspapers today.  


What are the Types of Education Adverts?

There are three types, in terms of format – Classified Text, Classified Display, and Display.

  • Classified Text Ads are the most common way of advertising. One of the most trusted mediums, they are simple, run-on-line ads. They are charged based on the number of lines or words used in the content of the advertisement.
  • Classified Display Ads are modern and new-age. They have been in vogue in recent times. In their case, you can provide images, institute logo, and text in decorative fonts. Creativity and designing play an important role in case of such adverts.
  • Display Ads are generally published once or twice on a particular day of every week and are one of the most expensive forms of a newspaper advertisement. Rates for display ads are calculated per square centimeter.
What Should Be The Ideal Content of my Educational Advertisement?

Fancy taglines define what one can expect from your institute, but there is more to do, so as to firmly establish its authenticity. Institutions seek innovative ways to build their images. Your image, thus, in a prospective student’s mind, should be crystal clear.

Your education advert should include essential elements like –

  • course details
  • the skill set you are providing and what value it will bring to your target audience
  • the future prospects of the respective course
  • clear call-to-action, in this case – applying for the respective course
  • recognitions and certifications your institute earned from the concerned authority
  • infrastructure details
  • number of vacant seats
  • dates for application and admission
  • success stories along with photographs
  • appropriate contact details

Our media experts are there to assist you with what the ideal content for your educational advertisement should be. Contact our representative and book your education advertisement in newspapers today!

Recently Asked Questions (FAQ):
What are the documents required to publish an education ad?

To publish an education advertisement in newspaper, you need to

  1. Furnish a scanned copy of your PAN card
  2. Your ad content under the letterhead of your institution, and images if any.

Our media expert will guide you through your ad booking process from start to finish.

Which newspaper should I book my education ad in?

The education advertisement in newspaper comes into action when you are representing a school, college, university or any other institute administering distance education to study overseas. Thus, before publishing an educational Ad, these factors have to be considered for a successful Ad campaign.


Reputation: Consider the reputation of the newspaper before publishing an educational Ad. The more extensively a newspaper is read, be sure of a successful educational Ad.

Target Audience: Choose a newspaper that will allow you to target the right people for your educational Ad without any hindrance. This, in turn, will facilitate a better engagement between the educational Ad and the right audience, as these Ads are not viewed by everyone unlike the Display Ads.

Regions: You must select a newspaper which is published in various regions across a nation. This is because if the chosen newspaper is published in that region where the targeted people are concentrated, chances are high that the Ad will produce adequate results faster.


Make sure to consider these three factors for publishing an educational Ad, which otherwise might prove to be useless. However, if you are still enclosed by hesitations about the right newspaper for booking your educational advertisement, feel free to call us +919830400021 or go through our website here. Our media expert will get in touch with you and assist you in choosing the right newspaper according to your budget and requirements.

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