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Sony Max 2

tv advertisements

Language: Hindi

Genre: General Entertainment


“Kuch Filmon ka Jaadu Kabhi Khatm Nahi Hota”, the talisman of some stories is unfading and unmatched – It never ends, this is the inspiration behind the introduction of Sony Max 2, owned by Multi Screen Media. Sony Max 2 brings forth contents which tows at the heart and is appealing to the soul of individuals. Sony Max 2 is commenced keeping in mind the basic agenda “Jab Dekho Tab Naya” displaying rich collection of movies from 1960’s to early 2000. The aura of the channel is reflected not only in its look and feel but also in its content displayed.

Advertising in television creates a stronger and long lasting impact on your target audience. helps you reach your relevant audience across the nation with effective Television advertising. Advertising in Sony Max 2 can drive sales for your brand as well as boost your brand recognition.

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Media rates are negotiable up to 80%. will negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest possible rate.

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