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Book Tender ads in newspapers with Bookadsnow

How to book tender ads in newspapers?

Our media experts have the right tips and solutions to help you book tender adverts in the right newspaper that effectively reaches your target audience and grabs their attention. With Bookadsnow, publish your tender ads in newspapers across the nation at the most competitive rates.

Newspaper tender ads are one of the most important categories of advertisements published. They are usually released by Government organisations, large concerns, public sector units, Government agencies, railways or banks. They can be released for sale, purchase, procurement, disposal of waste/equipment/scrap etc. They are also released to invite companies to bid for projects. In such a case, they are treated as offers to do the respective work for a certain amount of remuneration or profit.

Newspapers are the most economical medium to communicate with the masses and they are accessible to each and every household, office and corporate house in India.

Book tender ads in newspapers with Bookadsnow!

The Times of India

Hindustan Times

Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Jagran

Deccan Chronicle

The Economic Times

Business Standard

Financial Express

What is the Aim of a Tender Notice?

Tender advertisement is of two types. These are –

Legal Tenders – They are mediums of payment allowed by the law or recognized by a legal system to be valid for meeting a financial obligation. They must be accepted if offered in payment of a debt.

Tender Offers – They are a type of public takeover bid in terms of corporate finance. They are public open offers or invitations that are usually announced via a newspaper advertisement. A prospective acquirer announces such offers. They address all stockholders of a publicly traded corporation to tender their stock for sale at a specified price during a specified time.

Our media experts will assist you with all the nitty-gritties associated with tender ad booking. Get in touch with them to book tender notice ads today!


What are the Types of Tender Notice?

There are two types, in terms of format – Classified Display Ads and Display Ads.

  • Classified Display Ads are modern and new-age and have been in vogue in recent times. Creativity and designing play an important role in case of such adverts. They are more elaborate and detailed than text ads. They are more prominent and easily grab attention, thereby being more effective. Rates for Classified Display Ads are calculated per square centimetre. They have both black and white and colour options.

  • Display Ads are elaborate, highly enhanced and carefully designed. They too are charged per square centimetre and are one of the most expensive forms of newspaper advertisement.

Get in touch with our media experts to book Classified Display, or Display Ad today!


How Do Tender Ads Work?

The Government generally publishes tender notice advertisement as a necessity. Business organisations having a purpose to sell/buy services, contracts or goods, also publish it. They are published in newspapers so as to garner better response and gain greater publicity from bidders strewn across the nation.

Points to remember while placing a tender notice advertisement are –

  • The content of the notice is vast and a simple text ad is not enough for this

  • It needs to have the logo of the organisation which releases it, for the purpose of authenticity

  • Usually it has a format to follow as per rules and regulations. With Bookadsnow, make sure your ad is published in the correct format

Our media experts are there to assist you with what the ideal content for your ad should be. Contact our representative and book your tender notice advertisement today!


How Do I Book Tender Ads Online with Bookadsnow?

While booking newspaper tender advertisements, you have to choose the right newspaper which will reach the regions where your target companies are located.

Booking tender advertisements online with Bookadsnow is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Select the newspaper you would like to book your advert in

  2. Fill in your ad details and contact details and submit your query

  3. Our media expert will get in touch with you to bring you the best rates for your ad

If you do not know which newspaper to choose, simply drop in a message and our media expert will guide you from start to finish in booking your advert.

Contact our media expert to book tender ads in newspapers today.

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