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Business Line Classifieds Booking Online at Lowest Ad Rates

Language: English

Frequency: Daily

Circulation: 117,000 Daily

E-paper: link

We do not display any rates as media rates are negotiable. please get in touch our media expert for best rates.

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Book Business Line classifieds newspaper advertisement in a jiffy!

The Business Line is known for up-to-date industry news from the spheres of agriculture, aviation, automotive and IT. This English daily is go-to place for verified business news. The Business Line classifieds contains advertisements from all walks of life including Recruitment and Job Opportunities, Notice and Tenders, and Property. All leading businessmen and business enthusiasts of the country have chosen the Business Line time and again for reaching out to thousands of targeted readers.

Here is why Business Line classifieds is a prime choice for your advertisements as well

  • As per the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the Business Line has a circulation of 1,17,000 daily (2016).
  • It prints across 17 centres across the country. The main publishing house is in Chennai.
  • It reaches all the metropolitan cities including Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore. Business Line classifieds has a strong readership in the emerging Tier I and Tier II cities of India as well.

Bookadsnow now brings you the opportunity to book Business Line classified ads irrespective of your location, as long as your have internet connectivity. In addition to all the statistics, the amicable Business Line ad rates make this newspaper one of the best choices for targeted advertisement placement.

Bookadsnow is accredited by the INS to book Business Line ads. Booking an advertisement in the Business Line classifieds is now a 3 step process, thanks to Bookadsnow online newspaper advertisement booking –

  1. Select the newspaper.
  2. Compose your advertisement.
  3. Choose the preferred dates and complete payment.

Since we have SSL encrypted payment pathways, the online payment process is completely safe and secure for all advertisers.

What are the costs of booking an ad in the Business Line classifieds?

The exact cost varies depending upon the type of the advertisement, the size/words/lines/characters and the ongoing discounts. Bookadsnow always endeavours to provide the best Business Line classifieds advertisement booking rates for all the clients. Although you will not find newspaper advertisement booking rates displayed across the website, we can assure you that you can potentially save up to 80% on your campaign by booking Business Line newspaper ads with us.

Types of Business Line classified advertisements you can choose from 

  1. Classified Text Ad: these are the run-on line ads. They are the simplest, cheapest and most utilitarian. Just give us your ad content and our advertisement consultants will do the rest for you.
  2. Classified Display Ad: these are the column ads that are a little more expensive. You can get coloured backgrounds, fancier fonts and more visibility as compared to Business Line classified text ads.
  3. Display Ads: these are the costliest. Usually big recruiters, businesses and enterprises opt for Display Ads for more visibility. If you want to capture the attention of thousands at one go, you should definitely opt for Business Line Display Ads.

After you select any of these broad categories, you can select any subcategory including property, business, recruitment, notice and many more to publish your Business Line newspaper advertisement.

Recently Asked Questions

What are the documents required to publish a property ad?

To publish a property ad, you need to furnish a scanned copy of your PAN card, your ad content, and images, if any. When you publish a Property Notice ad, your ad content should come under the letterhead of your advocate. Our media expert will guide you through your ad booking process from start to finish.

What are the documents required to publish an obituary ad?

To publish an obituary ad, you need to furnish a scanned copy of your PAN card, a copy of the death certificate, your ad content, and images, if any. Our media expert will guide you through your ad booking process from start to finish.

How do I book a financial result ad in Business Line?

Bookadsnow aims to simplify your ad booking process and offers you the simplest way to book your financial result ad in Business Line.

To book a financial result ad in Business Line with Bookadsnow, please select ‘Financial result ads’ from the given list of ad types on the homepage, then select Business Line from the given list of newspapers, fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.

Alternatively, you can select Business Line from the given list of newspapers on the homepage, then select ‘Financial result ads’ from the given list of ad types, fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.

Our media expert will get in touch with you and guide you with your ad booking according to your requirements and budget.


Do I have to submit a death certificate for obituary or in-memoriam ads?

As per company policies and newspaper requirements, submitting a death certificate is essential for booking an Obituary or in-memoriam ad. We take last-minute ad bookings and have ready templates for obituary ads.

How do I differentiate between Classified Display Ads and Display Ads?

Classified Display Ads are modern and new-age and have been in vogue in recent times. They are more elaborate and detailed than text ads and their content is not limited to text only. They include graphics and images and easily grab attention, thereby being more effective. Rates for Classified Display Ads are calculated per square centimetre. They have both black and white and colour options.

Display Ads are elaborate and carefully designed. Brands use Display ads for the promotion of their products or services. Such ads are innovative, and are designed in high-resolution coloured and black and white formats providing higher visibility. They can be of various sizes, ranging from quarter page and half page to full page. They are charged per square centimetre.

To know more about Classified Display Ads and Display Ads, please get in touch with our media expert on +919830400021.