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Category: Marketing

Circulation: 20,000 copies

Frequency: Monthly

EPC&I is well known for its excellent language and current news coverage. This magazine hosts a number of national and international events that are attended by international companies. The magazine has 1.6 lakh readers who are mostly company owners, moderators and key decision makers. Your brand will get a chance in the national as well as the international market when you choose the EPC&I magazine as your ad platform.

Magazine ads mean long shelf lives for the ads and lasting durable message to your targeted consumers. Advertising in magazines with ensures minimal duplicate reach amidst your target group. Advertising in EPC&I can ensure favourability, purchase consideration as well as awareness for your brand.

Language: English

Target Audience: Male, Female, Professionals

Ad Details:

Regular options

magazine advertisements

Half Page - Horizontal

magazine advertisements

Half Page - Vertical

magazine advertisements

Full Page

magazine advertisements

Double Spread

Premium options
(Please note: Premium ad options are subject to availability)

magazine advertisements

Inside Front Cover

magazine advertisements

Inside Back Cover

magazine advertisements

Outside Back Cover

magazine advertisements

Gate Fold

magazine advertisements

Hard Page

For more value add options such as Page mark, Extension, Advertorial
please get in touch with our media expert.

Other Details:

Media rates are negotiable up to 80%. will negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest possible rate.

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