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Book Obituary Ads in Sakshi in Ongole with Bookadsnow

Publish obituary ads in Sakshi in Ongole and acknowledge the passing of your loved ones, with due respect to the deceased. With obituary ads in Sakshi in Ongole, you can release either a death notice or an announcement in memoriam of a death anniversary. Pay your respects on time with Bookadsnow’s last-minute ad booking facility and ready obituary ad templates.

The extensive reach of Sakshi in Ongole means the best positioning for your ads ensuring maximum visibility amidst your target audience.

Ad Details:

In case of legal notice ads the order to release should be on an advocate’s letter head or a copy of the court order should be furnished before we can process the ad.

Other Details:

Media rates are negotiable up to 80%. will negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest possible rate.

We at Bookadsnow, the leading newspaper advertising agency in India, bring to you –

  • Most competitive rates – We provide you with the lowest quotes available in the market

  • Complete transparency with media buying at every step of the way – We endeavour to do away with the lack of transparency prevailing in the industry and that is why we do not display card rates. Media rates are negotiable up to 80% and we aim to negotiate the best on your behalf

  • Media consultation – Our dedicated media experts are there to guide you through your media planning and ad campaign

  • Evaluation reports & Proof of execution – We provide day-to-day reports along with detailed proof so that you have a clear picture of the impact of your ad campaign

  • Ready formats for content and template for first time ad bookers – We understand you might be a first time ad booker and we are there to assist you with the A-B-Cs of booking ads

  • Flexibility regarding last-minute ad bookings – We understand your need of the hour and have the provisions available for last-minute ad bookings

  • Best platform and positioning for your ads – We bring you the best and the prime ad positions, which results in the highest reach for your ad

Book obituary ads in Sakshi in Ongole with Bookadsnow, the leading newspaper advertising agency in India, at the most competitive rates.